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KH: Second War Chapter XXVI
Chapter XXVI: Pride Lands: To The Graveyard
Nala joined the conversation, “She’s fallen for him.”
“Aaw. That’s cute.” Kairi comented
“Uhm, Kairi, Scar’s the bad guy. He probably raised his son to be evil too. Where are they?”
“The Elephant Graveyard.”
“C’mon, guys, let’s go.”
Simba joined the group and the seven left through the field.
A couple heartless appeared. There were aerial knockers, and a new turtle-like breed called adamants. The aerial knockers were easy enough to get rid of, but the adamants had to be thrown into the air. And have their lower sides attacked.
When that battle was over the party continued onward.
When they reached the elephant graveyard, they found a lioness and a dark furred lion with a scar on his right eye.
“He even looks like Scar.”
“Oh no,” said the lioness, “Kovu, lets go.”
“Kiara, wait!” Simba’s words went unheard. Kiara and Kovu ran
:iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 1 1
Inward Chaos
The further I go in the more I hate everything you are
The farther I get away the more I love everything I see before me
My own virtues keep me from seeing your light
This is not what I wanted
It’s gone
I cannot escape all the feelings rendered in my soul
It’s too much for me to handle so quickly
I cannot adjust to you
I hate my path I abhor my choices
I live my way and I adore your kisses
If this continues I will be left with nothing
If this continues everything will be mine
This Inward Chaos stretches into my soul
I don’t want this anymore
I need this discord in my life
I cant avoid this everlasting nightmare
Then again why would I want to
This is the end for my selfishness and the beginning of all that you are
Everything I see before me withers in this machine
My own darkness prevents me from feeling your light
This is not what I wanted
It’s more
I just cant see why your light has blinded everything
It’s too much to push away from
I am not meant for you
I ha
:iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 0 0
KH Second War Chapter XXV
Chapter XXV: Pride Lands: The Circle of Life
They de-boarded the gummis and suddenly Sora and Riku were lions (not cubs), Kairi was a lioness(again, not a cub), Donald was a bird, Goofy was a turtle, and Mickey was a monkey. Sora was brown, Kairi was pink and Riku was silver.
“Where are we?” asked Kairi.
“This must be the Pride Lands. It looks different, but there’s Pride Rock. I wonder how Simba’s doing.”
So the six left to Pride Rock after Sora’s lead.
“Simba! It’s me, Sora! Where are you?”
A lion and lioness walked out of the Stone Hollow.
“Simba! How are you?”
“Not good.”
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s Kiara.”
“My daughter.”
“What’s wrong with her?”
“She ran off with Scar’s son.”
:iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 0 0
KH Second war: Chapter XXIV
Chapter XXIV: Gummi Ship: Argument
“What was that about, Kairi?”
She blushed, “Nothing.”
“Sora, how can you not tell?”
“Tell what?”
“God, your slow.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
Kairi was blushing while Riku and Sora argued.
“I’ll let you figure it out yourself.”
Sora was confused, but focused on the flight. They approached another world.
:iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 0 0
KH Second War Chapter XXIII
Chapter XXIII: Wonderland: Departure
“Well, Alice, it was nice catching up with you, but we’ve got other worlds to go to.”
Alice kissed Sora on the cheek
“See you later then.”
Kairi had a fire in her eyes as she walked up to Alice.
“What was that?”
“What was what?”
“You kissed Sora!”
“So? I was thanking him for saving me three years ago.”
“Yeah, Well,” Kairi got angry and lunged at Alice. But Sora grabbed her and held her back.
“Okay, Kairi, I think that’s enough. Sorry Alice.”
“It’s okay,” she giggled.
And they boarded their gummi ship.
:iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 0 0
Mature content
KH Second War Chapter XXII :iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 3 0
Mature content
The Inquisition: Chapter I :iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 0 0
KH Second War Chapter XXI
Chapter XXI: Wonderland: The Brotherhood of Imprints
When they got into the forest they found a group of people dressed like Luord.
“Who are you?”
“We are the Brotherhood of Imprints.”
“You remember Organization XIII,  don’t you?”
The memories came flooding back.
“We are their imprints.”
“Then why are there only twelve of you?”
“one of our former members was beaten by a behemoth, and as for yours, well, I’ll let you figure that out.”
The brotherhood vanished without warning. This caused an explosion that knocked out the group. Kairi landed next to Sora. A boy about the age of 17 wearing an old ragged Organisation XIII Enigma Trench stepped out of the shadows. He walked up to Kairi and placed her head on Sora’s chest.
“He looks so different now.”
He put Sora’s hand on Kairi’s back and left.
:iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 0 0
Mature content
Too Far Away In a Dark Reallit :iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 0 0
Mature content
John Dervreaux: Prologue :iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 0 0
Mature content
KH Second War Chapter XX :iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 0 0
Mature content
KH Second War Chapter XIX :iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 0 1
KH Second War Chapter XVIII
Chapter XVIII: Wonderland: Luord’s Command
The group ran into the Bizarre Room to se the Cards attacking someone though they couldn’t see who.
“Who’s the queen attacking now?” asked Sora as he rushed into battle with his keyblade ready.
“You fools! It’s me, your queen! I order you to stop attacking this instant or it’s off with all of your heads.”
Sora did a spinning strike to three Card Soldiers and they fell to the ground.
“Are you okay?”
“Yes, yes, of course I’m fine. But what’s gotten into my cards?”
“Perhaps I could answer that.” came a voice similar to Luxord’s.
The group turned and found a man standing by the doors. He looked like Luxord sans the Enigma Trench worn by Organization XIII members.
“Didn’t we kill you?”
“Now, now, you only wish it were that simple. My Heartless was destroyed before Xehanort’s. You might know it as Trickmaster. My Nobody also destroyed b
:iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 0 0
KH Second War Chapter XVII
Chapter XVII: Wonderland: Tricksy Clock (Again)
After Sora and Kairi’s little adventure together, the party arrived at wonderland. Riku was awake by this point.
“This place hasn’t changed much,” said Sora, and Donald and Goofy agreed.
A scream came from behind the layered door.
“Who was that?”
:iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 0 0
Mature content
KH second war Chapter XVI :iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 1 2
Mature content
The Hero's Tear :iconthe-real-derum:The-Real-Derum 0 0

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